Phil Carpenter Custom Homes

About Us
Our Mission
To build a quality custom house of any size, on time, on budget, and with integrity. (inspired by Prov. 22:1)
I started in the construction industry when I was in high school sweeping floors at Weir Kitchens. I eventually worked my way up through that business going from sweeping floors, to sanding and building cabinets, and ending up installing kitchens the last three years I was there. From there I went to work for a local builder who taught me every aspect of building a house from the ground up. After working for him for two years he encouraged me to go into business for myself which is what I did. I started on my own by doing small jobs such as trim work, kitchens, and finished basements. From there I met an incredible gentleman who took a risk with me to purchase some land and start building homes. Several homes and basements later I am loving building quality custom homes for many great people.

What makes me different from other builders?
  • I'll build any plan you want. Whether you have your own design or we choose one of mine it doesn't matter. We can customize any plan to meet the needs and desires your family may have.
  • What is an upgrade for many builders is a standard option for me. I won't lure you in with a builder-grade cheap house and then make insane profits on upgrades. Since my overhead is low I can pass a significant amount of savings along to the homeowner.
  • I put my name on my business so others would know what type of home I build. I take great pride in every project I take on, and I want every homeowner to know if my name is behind your house you're getting a great product.

How can you build a house yourself?
That would be a difficult task. That is why I have many trades that work with me to take on any project I do. They have all been hand selected by me first based on the integrity of their company, second by the quality of their work, and finally by the price for which they will perform the work. I'll be honest when I say most of my trades are not the cheapest available, but their quality of work and the way they handle themselves speaks more to me than the bottom dollar. I personally take on as many tasks as I can to get the job done in the schedule allotted and the rest of the work is done by my trades to complete the job in a timely manner.